Friday, November 8, 2019

Why Not Today Shirt

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Why Not Today Shirt

As u know that book is on special demands, so many students were supposed to borrow it but they have since died.  I am not joking. I might possibly have set a record for taking 49 years to finish reading a book of short stories by Kipling. No matter how long it takes give to jack what belongs to jack. Honestly come first no matter how long it takes. Kudus to the Why Not Today Shirt human.

Why Not Today Shirt

 If you ever think the marquees are having a slow day/week. Just remember this is what the BBC is running with as it’s main news How boring of the library. It’s so cool that after 42 years someone had the sweetness and humour to send it back with a note. That librarian needs some weetabix. 

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