Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Joc Pederson Joctober Sweater

Buy it: Joc Pederson Joctober Sweater

Joc Pederson Joctober Sweater

This amount could ruin the person life be endless people wanting from you think far to much for any one person lot could have gone to charity’s and hospital one million be enough for any one so pray works out for then and not ruin their life. Way too much money. Donate it to something good, like cancer research or cleaning our oceans! All those saying the Joc Pederson Joctober Sweater is too much for one person I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if you were the only winner of the jackpot.

Joc Pederson Joctober Sweater

Think I'll leave my ticket on the fridge door until the mention what area it is and at least i can still think it's me until someone else claims it or it's a different area. That amount of money is just stupid why not make more people winners instead of one person winning all that. all these people saying should be a cap on it if you dont like it dont play and i can guarantee if one of you won you wouldnt.

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