Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Reading Books Samurai Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Reading Books Samurai Shirt is now available at Kingtees.
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Reading Books Samurai Shirt

Rita Johansen this guy gets on the bus one day, hes got a young boxer with a vest, sits down next to me and the Reading Books Samurai Shirt curls up between my feet. We got to talking he said to he's been trying stop her from doing that but thanked me for not petting her. It was so hard not to pet her but I know better. I love animals. This isn't that complicated, don't touch people or their animals without permission. Talk to the person about their dog, ask what the dog does for them.

Reading Books Samurai Shirt

In general: No one's dog should be touched without asking. If I see a cute dog I always ask the owner if I'm allowed to pet it.  I grew up in a small town. A lady called Mary would wait on the footpath for someone to wheel her across the road. Everytime. No one ever asked her if she wanted us to. We all knew thats what she was waiting for so we.

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